All Pieces Together

by Hadleigh Ford



After a stint as lead singer in the band Oedipus, Hadleigh Ford returned home from university and started writing new songs.
Drummer extraordinaire, buddy and fellow Oedipus member James Cliff was, as always, first to hear any new material and was keen to start a new project.
Local bassing legend Dave Kidd was a friend of both musicians and was also keen to start something new.

This mini-album collects both EP's recorded professionally by the band as well as some home demos and live tracks.


released April 5, 2011

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Hadleigh Ford London, UK

I write songs, play guitar and sing.
Sometimes I play the fool.

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Track Name: All Pieces Together
I feel your name is burning into me
I see, I sink, I feel your name is burning into me
It's as if I've known you but the only side I know makes me spin
Because I'd like to know the ins and outs but in the end I'll feel sick
Just hide it from me tell it to me I don't know which one fits

Got to know how much you know
That's the only thing I care about

I twist, I turn I curl away as words burn holes in my ears
You take your twisted past and turn it into my brand new fears
When the one you have and hold has been had and held then it is too late
It's time to turn around and question all the choices you've made

Piece it together
Breaking down all your little lies
I'll shine a light and point it straight into your eyes
Holding back the truth now
Your friends carry brushes to cover your tracks
I am the sweat that trickles down your guilty back
Track Name: Trust
Well it came as a surprise when she looked into your eyes, she said," I like you"
Now the alcohol has cleared and it's just as he had feared, "what is it about you?"

I was told you used to cry before you'd sleep
Thinking of the times I tried to keep
But now I think the truth has all come out
You should never trust your friends to help you out
They lied about the time that you came home
Had me pacing waiting by the phone
You never thought to call me up
Infact you never thought of me at all

So he realised the game and though they paint a fool his face won't fit the frame
But they'll keep on trying
But this fool knows inside out
Take a pinch of salt and treat these words with doubt
If you think theyre lying
Track Name: Paper, Scissors, Stone
Another turn, another try, another lose and it time for me to say goodbye
Throw in my cards for a better hand
Hope lady luck will be there maybe she would take my hand

If she turns to get up and go
If she screams she doesnt know
So hard to please just let her go
I give my life for paper, scissors stone

Hold my hand and roll the dice another chance to roll s perfect pair of snake eyes
Throw down my cards and wait for fate
Hope lady luck will be there wish that she could take my place
Track Name: No Bones (Band Version)
Don't you know there's a time and a place
To show your feelings don't dare show your face
And you know that I'm always going to change

Where did it all start to go wrong?
I dont know where to turn

Is it true that they lead you astray?
Obsessed with numbers and to hell with the pain
You'll soon find out that noone wants to pay

Could you tell me why it needed to change?
Why do they lie when you're born?
Could you tell me why you're leaving my life?
Why do they lie when you're born?
I could see you with him when I closed my eyes
Why do they lie when you're born?
If you're numb why do you let them inside?
Why do they lie when you're born?
Track Name: Rule Of Three (Demo)
For just over two years I woke to see your face there but now I'm looking back and the detail seems unclear, Somebody tell me, why can't I remember your face?
I half remember your hair I can kinda see the lines but when I reach right down to kiss you I would always close my eyes
Somebody tell me, why can't I remember your face?

People lie about the numbers of faces they've known
It's just a game of numbers I don't think the truth is told
If you lie about the faces you've known
Apply the rule of three to make your story shine like gold

Don't try to tell me you won't recall my face
When I know I left a trace
Don't try and tell me you won't return my call
I don't think it's true at all

Well I took a dozen pictures and the camera never lies
When I reached right down to kiss you I would always close my eyes
Somebody tell me why can't I remember your face
Track Name: Most Exclusive Club (Live Acoustic)
Could you let me know? Can I join your club?