G​.​I​.​Ford - A Real Acoustic Hero

by Hadleigh Ford

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Dave creator of the superb G.I.Joe podcast Flag Points asked me to create a G.I.Joe themed song.
I managed to make this after MANY repeated listens to the theme at the beginning of the animated movie.
The theme was written by Barry Harman, Ford Kinder and Spencer Michlin.

Subscribe to Flag Points from iTunes or Podbean and listen in. It's a brilliant show with up to date info and opinions on all things G.I.Joe. Here's the link...


Huge thanks and a Yo Joe! to Dave for the idea and for having me on the show alongside Joe experts and all round nice guys Rob and Don.

Check out www.joeaday.com if you get a chance. That's Rob Buzan's baby and is well worth a look. I happily admit I'm a bit addicted to it.


released June 23, 2012




Hadleigh Ford London, UK

I write songs, play guitar and sing.
Sometimes I play the fool.

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Track Name: Cobra-La

A sky full of spores
with the power to change us all
Mother nature is on the rise
Theres a twinkle in her eyes

From a himalayan retreat
Plots a man without legs or feet
He floats inside a ball
with plans to rule us all

Cobra lalalalalalala

and as the time worm crawls around
And counts down remaining time
Broadcast energy crackles to life
and the spores are energised

on a journey down to Earth
Until inspiration hits
In with a flash in Falcons eyes
All the spores are vaporised

How unexpected?
When an new friend is revealed
The commander is in disgrace
Never a part of the human race

We all go home or nobody goes home!
Track Name: You Can't Trust Anyone Anymore
In downtown Rio Lindo a businessman starts to moan
The country is falling into disarray
An anarchistic pit of doom
We can't trust anyone

But maybe we'll get lucky?
Maybe the rebels will score a hit?
The sharpshooter is from the national guard
And our contact is about to split
We can't trust anyone

Has anybody got wheels?
There's something big going on in town
The rumour mill is spinning
As the chairs lie down on the ground
We can't trust anyone

As the agents all run frantic
The press stand agast in dismay
I can't even get a ride into town
I can't even start to explain

We can't trust anyone
We can't trust anyone
We can't trust anyone anymore
Track Name: Cold Slither (FREE)
Cold Slither

We're cold slither you'll be joining us soon
A band of vipers playing our tune

With an iron fist and a reptile hiss we shall rule!

We're tired of words
We've heard it before
We're not gonna play the game no more

Don't tell us what's right
Don't tell us what's wrong
Too late to resist
Cause Cobra is strong

We're cold slither
Heavy metal machine
Through the eyes of a lizard
In you will dream